Zornmuseet. Ragnar Östberg. The Zorn Museum in Mora offers a unique opportunity to study the artist and collector, two sides of his work that supplement each other and in a way they are inseparable. It was the increasing collection that gave Zorn the idea to let it be the foundation to a museum in Mora. The intended museum was mainly a stage in the adult education of one's native home. Zorn's sketches for the museum were a small timbered house of humble proportion that had architectural connections with the Zorn Manor. He could not in his dream imagine that the museum later would attract tourists in thousands and not just from Sweden but from the whole world.

Zornmuseum in Mora. October 1997. After Zorn's death, when the idea of a museum became even more important, was it obvious that a small log- cabin or a house with humble proportions could not accommodate an collection of this importance and size.
The Zorn's will and testament gave the Government means to build a new house that was completed and inaugurated in 1939. The architect Ragnar Östberg had drawn the house as a narrow row constructed of light- red bricks with a socle of pale granite and the architecture of the facade and wooden parts gives the impression of classicism from 1920. The contrast between the Zorn Manor and the museum are very evident, which has to be intended.